Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of Yeshiva Lubavitch Manchester's educational program is to ensure a quality, Torah based educational experience which will develop the intellectual, personal, social and community foundations of our students and instill in them a desire to achieve excellence in all areas.

In addition to molding students into conscientious Torah observing Jews and Torah scholars, the Yeshiva, in line with Chabad philosophy, also has the goal of concerning itself with serving the spiritual needs of world Jewry, supplying even the most remote communities with their needs for religious functionaries and communal workers, and bringing the entire Jewish world the warmth of Chassidism.

Integral to these general goals is that all graduates be well acquainted with the unique Chabad perspective on all aspects of life as pronounced by all seven Lubavitcher Rebbes. A major gauge of our success is whether our graduates adopt this perspective in their lives to the extent that they dedicate their lives and careers to pursue its goals.

In the opinion of faculty and administration, the emphasis placed upon Chabad Chassidic philosophy produces a more balanced student and scholar, competent in both the legal and analytical aspects of Torah and also in its philosophical and spiritual aspects.

Yeshiva students and graduates, as the scholarly elite of the community, are particularly well equipped and motivated to bring their superior knowledge, commitment, and enthusiasm to others less privileged. In line with the traditional Chabad stress on the duty even of Yeshiva students to devote a portion of their spare time to strengthening general Jewish commitment to learning and tradition, Yeshivas Lubavitch Manchester aims to produce young scholars expert not only in Talmud, Halacha and Chabad Philosophy, but also deeply sensitive to Jewish tradition and to their responsibility to foster it among all branches of the Jewish community.

This latter element of our students’ education is especially urgent in the present day where there are many Jews who are still unaware of the beautiful outlook and lifestyle of Torah Judaism. Iit is vital to produce a class of young men with solid background in authentic Jewish scholarship, with an intensive commitment to Jewish observance, and with a firm, deep-rooted motivation to transmit their knowledge and commitment to the widest possible circles of Jews.

To foster this aim, both while students are still at Yeshiva and especially when they leave its walls to go out into the world, Yeshiva Lubavitch Manchester students devote a portion of their spare time (outside of school hours) to various outreach programs.